maandag, oktober 31, 2005

The White Stripes in Brussels

Saw The White Stripes in Brussels tonight! It was awesome! :)

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Hans-Peter Bock zei

Hi Takis!

What is "The White Stripes"? Seems to be a band!?

How are you doing? I've seen, that you program your own ORB, while I was looking over your blog.

I'll be in Leuven next week (15th to 17th november). Are you around there at that time?

cu, HaPe

Takis zei

Hi Hans-Peter!

Yep, it's a band, and a darn good one too :-) It's just a two-person band, one female playing the drums and a guy singing and playing the guitar (and various other instruments).

Yep, I started writing an ORB from scratch, to get a better feel of GIOP/IIOP and to get a better idea of the minimal needs and footprint of a CORBA based server.

I would normally not be in Leuven during those days, but let me know which evening fits you best and I'll come over so we can have lunch or have a drink at the Old Market. Do you still remember -or even feel- the Westmalle Triple? ;-)

- Takis