maandag, januari 12, 2004


I just ported the gettimeofday_rt I wrote for the previous release of RTAI to the newest RTAI 3.0. It works just fine for the ACE test! :-) Now, there are just some minor issues related to the prefered style of linking... Next up, is the porting of ACE's debug framework.

zondag, januari 11, 2004

One thing that's still missing from the RTAI Kilauea tree, is a decent gettimeofday function. I've added an implementation to the stable RTAI tree (Stromboli) earlier, so I'll just have to port that one to Kilauea. Without that patch, some ACE/TAO tests will definitely fail.

Other than that, the ACE debugging code has to be ported as soon as possible. Don't know if it's best to shove the data through a real-time FIFO or to just implement is using rt_printk.

A few weeks ago, our TAO/ACE RTAI (Stromboli) port was starting to show some results. The CORBA benchmarking application I wrote about a year ago, worked on RTAI, both in soft and in hard realtime.

Last week, I started porting our TAO/ACE code to the new RTAI tree, called Kilauea. And about three hours ago, I ran all my (collocated) benchmarking code without any crashes! :-)

Furthermore, the official Collocation test included in TAO also works on RTAI 3.0 in hard realtime without any problems! Yay! :-)

I'm using the benchmarking results to create some charts which I'll post later on, to illustrate the achievable performance with TAO/RTAI.