woensdag, mei 05, 2004

Blending CORBA part 3

This morning I had been testing the scalability of the Blender/CORBA Event Service connection thingy. Unfortunately, it didn't look good. I started to investigate the possible problems and changed the IDL to have lower overhead and better scalability.

Now, I have been playing around with about a dozen Blender objects moving around and rotating according to the coordinates specified by a CORBA server feeding events. So, it seems to work now. There still are some issues though.

I rendered this silly Blender-CORBA animation to a video.

dinsdag, mei 04, 2004

Blending CORBA continued

I finally managed to get a fluent Blender animation which received positional information using omniORB from a TAO CORBA server. It doesn't look impressive at all, since it just shows a simple cube moving around... but the possibilities are endless! :-)

If I make the code just a little bit more general, it should be possible to animate any Blender scene just by writing a CORBA Event Service supplier supplying various attributes for Blender objects.

Blending CORBA

Last Sunday I experimented with using CORBA from within Blender's Python scripting environment. Yesterday, I extended these simple scripts to use the EventService to receive its updated data.

Unfortunately, there appear to be some problems with Blenders Python scripts. For example, even though a particular script ran successfully several times, then suddenly, Blender complained about syntax errors. There were no modifications between the runs and there was no syntax error :-(