maandag, oktober 10, 2005

Tiny CORBA implementation

The 28th of September I started writing a new CORBA implementation. The major goal being minimal footprint while being GIOP compatible. The current footprint of a small Hello World style applications implementing one object containing 21 methods is 16024 bytes as an ELF Linux executable. The textsegment is 13008 bytes for the moment.

Currently, I have the base types working and structs, and I've tested interoperability with omniORB, TAO and Sun's Java ORB of the J2SE SDK. It works on both big-endian and little-endian systems.

I reused the omniORB IDL compiler frontend and implemented a new backend for my ORB, which reliefs me from the pain of writing skeletons manually, which I had to do the first days of the implementation.

I've started porting it to eCos but that isn't quiet working yet.

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Anoniem zei

Recommend one powerful Corba Simulator tools. Very simple & useful.

Download site:

UCS (Ultra Corba Simulator) is one more powerful corba client/servant simulator tool than other similar products(e.g. Telcopro's MtSim, or OpenFusion's Corba Explorer, or eaiBridge's CAST). It doesn't need idl-related helper class or IR service.