woensdag, december 07, 2005

GIT world domination

The Wine project has just started using GIT! This is the second large/huge project using Linus' Torvalds version control system.

What's incredibly neat is that they've put up the entire project history into the repository starting from 1993! Have a look over here at the webinterface.

The Wine people have put up a Wine GIT Wiki to get people started using GIT. For those interested in using GIT, Jeff Garzik's GIT HOWTO makes an interesting read.

In related GIT news: Artem Khodush wrote a webbased GIT browser.

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Takis zei

Jo had put up an antry on his blog comparing the performance of bzr to git, trying to humiliate GIT! ;-)

This was actually a very similar test to the one I performed which made me decide I _really_ wanted to use GIT (from all the other revision control systems allowing distributed branches).

The suprising thing for me actually was, that bzr didn't perform that bad ;)