maandag, februari 07, 2005


Today, I accidently noticed that Downset -a band I used to listen to 10 years ago- still existed and actually released CD's after their selftitled album. I was looking through Humo's (a local magazine) concertguide, and noticed that they were giving a concert in the cultural center called "Poorthuis" in a city called "Peer" , which is about a half hour drive from my place. So, I went to see 'em, and they played about an hour and a quarter. As I only know their first record, I noticed how hard it is to understand what their saying if you've never seen the lyrics to their songs before. Luckily, they did play a lot of old songs from their first record. More specifically, they played "Breed the killer", "Downset", "Ritual" and ended the show with "Anger".

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