donderdag, juni 17, 2004

CORBA porting adventures

Because of issues with the TAO 1.3 OCI release, I started the port to 1.4.1 knowing that we would need that port anyway because of CIAO. The initial direct try from 1.3-OCI to 1.4.1-DOC was a failure,
too much had changed (9 versions) and apparantly I made a mistake somewhere...

The next try took a lot more work, because I ported to every successive version from 1.3-OCI to 1.4.1-DOC. So, from OCI's 1.3 release to the DOC group at Washinton University 1.3, to 1.3.1 DOC, and with every version in between to the final 1.3.x release of the DOC group 1.3.6-DOC. Then the porting continued to the major new DOC group release 1.4.0 and finally to 1.4.1-DOC.

Now, to be able to merge, I'll have to port it to the 1.4.2 CVSUP tree version. And ofcourse, test it extensively.

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