maandag, oktober 13, 2003

Today I started with the implementation of an OMG specification called DAIS using Java. The DAIS spec is rather big, so it is by no means a complete implementation. By starting this, I was hoping to get a better idea of the problems that will be encountered when implementing DAIS.

When I started the implementation of the same CORBA object using C++, I noticed that the DAIS specification does not conform to the CORBA 3 IDL specification :-( The CORBA 3 keywords home and typeid are used as typenames in the DAIS specification.

One of those issues was already reported at the OMG website. I just filed a report for the other issue.

And in reporting that issue I noticed that my earlier biographer regarding the Lightweight Log Service, which I thought had been ignored, was being processed (Issue 5884)

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