dinsdag, december 20, 2005

A quick glance at E17

Those interested in having a look at E17 but not willing to actually start using it, can use the following command to see E17 in a nice little window:
Xnest -ac :1 | enlightenment -display :1

You need to have the xnest package installed or you can install the xserver-xephyr package and use:
Xephyr -ac :1 | enlightenment -display :1

Totally OT: Qemu 0.8.0 is available now! Lots of new features! :-)

MPlayer and accompanying browser plugin

I've added MPlayer and Mplayerplug-in Debian packages to my Ubuntu Breezy repository. They are current snapshots of the CVS repositories. MPlayer can play nearly all audio and video files you can find, and the accompanying plugin makes those playable from within your browser.

apt-get install mplayerplugin

vrijdag, december 16, 2005

Libjingle and E17

Google introduced a new project called Jingle earlier today. I just added Ubuntu Breezy packages of this new stuff to my repository.

Furthermore, I added E17 CVS packages. These should be built automatically using a cronjob.

All goodies available here:
deb http://lumumba.uhasselt.be/takis/breezy ./

woensdag, december 07, 2005

More Debian packages

I've added more packages to my Ubuntu Breezy repository. Besides snapshots of the standard GIT tools and Cogito, I've added qgit, JRTPLib, UIML.Net, Cassowary.Net, XMLRPC for C#, and the WxWidgets .Net bindings.

GIT world domination

The Wine project has just started using GIT! This is the second large/huge project using Linus' Torvalds version control system.

What's incredibly neat is that they've put up the entire project history into the repository starting from 1993! Have a look over here at the webinterface.

The Wine people have put up a Wine GIT Wiki to get people started using GIT. For those interested in using GIT, Jeff Garzik's GIT HOWTO makes an interesting read.

In related GIT news: Artem Khodush wrote a webbased GIT browser.

maandag, december 05, 2005

GIT and Cogito snapshots

I've made some GIT and Cogito snapshots available for Ubunty Breezy. The packages are created from a script invoked by cron, daily.

deb http://lumumba.uhasselt.be/takis/breezy ./